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Tim Baresko

Hi, i'm Tim Baresko. French composer & deejay, i have been doing this since more than 10 years now. I performed all around the world and released on many big labels and majors.


House music

3 Songs to check out:



I started my career about 10 years ago. First i wanted to be deejay cause i was fan of the club's resident in my city. (really talented dude!) So i decided to learn how to deejay, and started to play in bars, weddings and student parties. Then i realised that i would love to play my own tracks and share it with people. I did a music school in Paris for 6 months, to learn the basics of the production, then really started the journey. I had a job to pay the bills and was spending most of my nights and weekends learning production.
3 or 4 years later i started to release my tracks on good labels and started to play some national and international shows.
10 years later, i played in many clubs and festivals around the world, including : USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan, Bali, Mexico, Russia, Spain, France, UK, Germany and many more….


My goals as a music artists are to create more music to consistently release tracks, gain more exposure to grow my fanbase, expand my music to more countries and get more shows!

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

I would use a part of the grant to make the acoustic treatment of my studio, i recently moved and have to do it from scratch.
The other part would be to try to release some music as NFTs, but i would love to collaborate with some visual artists!

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

I would like to offer guest lists for my shows + access to meet & Greet.
We could plan a livestream as well for all holders!
Discount on my coming merch.

Discord Username: Tim Baresko#7593

ETH Wallet: 0x21f4Be7EC6f95a43b04Bdd7ba096ef86e52A6D30

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