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Im a singer, producer, song writer, tv hostess and dj, i perform singing my electronic productions live while i play. Im also a songwriter of downtempo, indie and melodic stuff that i don`t know how… Read More »Barja

Tim Baresko

Hi, i'm Tim Baresko. French composer & deejay, i have been doing this since more than 10 years now. I performed all around the world and released on many big labels and majors. Genre/Style: House… Read More »Tim Baresko

Outlaw The Artist

Outlaw is a Bronx-born, East London-raised, wildly versatile & equally prolific sonic force of nature. An international citizen, currently residing in Los Angeles. Irrespective of the genre; Outlaw has a sound that resonates on any… Read More »Outlaw The Artist

Spence the Guru

I'm Spence, a folk singer-songwriter based in NYC. I take inspiration from American folk music from the 60s and 70s—CSNY, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor—but also from the many styles of folk music and rhythm developed… Read More »Spence the Guru

Keisha Kokaine

Keisha Kokaine aka Koko Wit Da Crypto. I make urban music to vibe to. I like recording songs tuned 432 hz for more harmonic sounds. Through my music you can really grasp my personality and… Read More »Keisha Kokaine

Sound of Fractures

My name is Jamie i'm a London-based, electronic music producer and artist under the name Sound of Fractures. I like to build emotion and connections through my music and the visual world i build around… Read More »Sound of Fractures

Cam Murdoch

I’m Cam, a rapper, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist (cello/guitar) and creator of the Future Surf movement. Being from Norfolk, Virginia my style takes influence from exploring the artistic and cultural movements of global coastal communities. Genre/Style:… Read More »Cam Murdoch


I'm Atúl. I'm an Indian musician creating ambient & world music as I travel. I also work inter-disciplinarily with artists from other art forms i.e. visual artists, dancers etc. in site-specific projects. Artistic goal: to… Read More »Atúl