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Dom Deshawn

Rapper, event curator, student mentor, and overall lover of this hip-hop culture from Columbus, OH. Hard to put me in one box, but I have been actively making and releasing music for over ten years.… Read More »Dom Deshawn

Wino Willy

I’m an instrumental Hip Hop artist and producer. Community activist and instructor looking to change my community with web3 and I would appreciate help. Genre/Style: Hip-Hop 3 Songs to check out: 1: 2:… Read More »Wino Willy


C.M.P. is short for Christopher M. Perceptions which is my legal name. I am an artist, lyricist, songwriter, producer, and spoken word artist. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI but based in Raleigh, NC. "God,… Read More »C.M.P.


My name is Bolaji Soetan artist name Beejay, my style of music is Pop but I incorporate a lot more genres like R&b, Trap etc. I'm a simple person that wants to do more for… Read More »Beejay

Oliver Imseng

web3 music & blockchain enthusiast, Swiss Trance Artist Genre/Style: Trance 3 Songs to check out: 1: 2: 3: Background: I have been making music since the early 2000, with my first record… Read More »Oliver Imseng