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I am a Kenyan music producer and artist.. love and eat music .I wanna take the message of independence and authenticity to th world from Kenya . Genre/Style: Afro Future 3 Songs to check out:… Read More »Kafibaddestting


deep ecology & soulful house Genre/Style: sunflower 3 Songs to check out: 1: 2: 3: Background: ~ climbed the tallest trees as a kid and used to love sitting by the water… Read More »apūpøg

Lady Light

Lady Light is a multi-faceted creative, Performing Artist & Dj from Lusaka Zambia. Her tracks include "Isho Isho" with Drum Broz & Theresa N'gambi, "Fire Burning" with Muntu Kulcha and "Ki Nako", her first NFT… Read More »Lady Light


Toronto, ON. I love music, nfts, martial arts (muay thai and bjj). I like to think of my self as a modern day renaissance man/swiss army knife. I create my own music + visuals. I… Read More »EYESENTERSPACE


Hello! I'm a French classical guitarist and composer. I studied in the Paris conservatory (CRR). I currently work as a guitar teacher, performer and composer. Genre/Style: Instrumental 3 Songs to check out: 1: 2:… Read More »Moodan


hi! i'm BXB LOVE, pronounced bob love. 20-something year old, living in the year 20-something. creator of music, worlds, n portals, on a mission to bring people together in the creation of a more empowering… Read More »BXB LOVE

Saint Rien

Imagine if David Bowie grew up listening to Outkast and The Neptunes but could sing like Frank Ocean… Genre/Style: Saint Rien… (Trust me) 3 Songs to check out: 1: 2: 3: Background:… Read More »Saint Rien

Daniel Who?

A singer-songwriter who plays acoustic rock based originals on guitar. I also have years worth of experimental and electronic based recordings that I really want to share with the world. I have played professionally on… Read More »Daniel Who?

Chíc Bangs

I'm a multidisciplinary artist, musician, performer, DJ and teacher. I'm passionate about building and equitable society and elevating the collective consciousness by weaving mindfulness into everything I do. Genre/Style: dance, hip-hop 3 Songs to check… Read More »Chíc Bangs


Artist, entrepreneur & Web3 enthusiast. I was born & raised in Colombia, but I’m not that “Sofia Vergara Modern Family” stereotype. Well, except for the fact that salsa music means I'll start dancing, & that… Read More »Losi