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Spence the Guru

I'm Spence, a folk singer-songwriter based in NYC. I take inspiration from American folk music from the 60s and 70s—CSNY, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor—but also from the many styles of folk music and rhythm developed across the world.



3 Songs to check out:



I first started playing around on Garageband when I was 7 or 8 years old just messing around with loops and recording goofy songs. My parents put me in piano lessons around that time. I couldn't get into classical, but eventually we found a jazz teacher that taught me theory, improvisation, and rhythm—all these wonderful things for a curious young kid to learn.

I played in jazz groups through college until I graduated and moved out to the big city. I couldn't really find anywhere to play piano so I picked the guitar back up—I connected with the smaller, more personal instrument and immediately started trying to re-learn all the stuff I knew on piano but on a completely new instrument.

A few years later, I've begun to develop my own voice on the guitar and started writing songs. I perform at open mics weekly and book gigs at coffee shops and bars around the area—and on stages in the metaverse. I'm a musician at heart, but web3 has given me the inspiration and opportunity to reach people as an artist. I love being around other insanely creative people in the space because it's pushed me out of my comfort zone as a singer, songwriter, performer, and human being.


It's been a lifelong goal to release an album. I've tried before—over the pandemic, I nearly had an album recorded, but I broke off more than I could handle and ended up without enough time or resources to finish it.

Fast forward, my dream has evolved. Having now released two songs to web3, I know better now what it takes to put my music out into the world. I want to record, produce, mix, and release an album of my own music so I can show that it's possible and teach others how to do the same.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

A 3 ETH grant would primarily enable me to do two things: upgrade my equipment and distribute this album.

With an upgraded microphone and audio interface, I'd level up my home studio recording quality. I want to open this studio to others and show them how to release their own projects themselves.

A grant would also enable me to design, package, and release my music with a higher degree of professionalism, and to build an educational utility infrastructure surrounding the album's web3 release.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

I want to show artists they can release music without platforms or anyone else's help—this album is a bucket list thing for me, but it's also a chance to bring this whole independent artist vision together.

The primary utility I want to offer from this project is resources and education surrounding every step of the album release process. This grant would enable me to commit my time to this purpose and to even provide equipment/software to collectors that would benefit. I also want dope merch.

Discord Username: spence the guru#7299

ETH Wallet: 0x8A19EE2B23EF483C6c9B2De1e65D8c799Cd80EA1

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