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Sound of Fractures

My name is Jamie i'm a London-based, electronic music producer and artist under the name Sound of Fractures. I like to build emotion and connections through my music and the visual world i build around it.


Alternative Electronic

3 Songs to check out:



The Sound of Fractures project really came into focus for me at the beginning of lockdown when everything stopped and I found myself spending every day with my young daughter. I stopped for the first time in years and began to wonder why I was doing what I do, and what I wanted from my life. After years of working day and night on music (lots of which I loved) I started to realise how little I had lived, and that I didn't want to be that absent father figure.. and really how enjoyable was that pressure that comes with being a professional producer? Yes, granted for some it's the dream, and it was for me for a long time! Yet I found myself questioning the narratives presented to us in that working till you drop is the only way, and I set out thinking about what a sustainable career in music was, and how it could be a positive part of my life for life. In the background I had started doing some collaborations behind the scenes under the Sound of Fractures name that started to gain traction, but kept it under wraps while I figured out where my focus was going to be in the coming years. 1 year down the line i've grown from 100 streams a month to 50k a month, i've also been experimenting and networking in web3 having sold out my first 3 drops and starting an artist Dao. i am excited to keep exploring and pushing boundaries.


My goal is to create a sustainable long term music project that doesn't rely solely on traditional models, but builds in them along side the new opportunities web3 will bring. I want to build both sides by reinvesting into the project consistently so they compliment and feed each other, allowing for creative freedom, and most of all high quality out put and music that has an impact on listers lives. I want to create music that has depth and reputation while also applealing to large audiences.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

I would like to build my own platform that build on generative music by allowing users to create their own arrangements and versions of songs. The platform would create and fun and engaging minting process that could serve to onboard new fans, and provide the collector/fan with a unique version of the song they love. although there are similar concepts out there there is nothing that works in a engaging creative way as i would like to build. if possible the art would be unique to each mint too.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

The nfts would act as audio pfps as they would be unique to each user. experiences would include membership to the artist dao, behind the scenes of the artist project, gated discord and access to online events in the metaverse. I want my next project to be a level up and something new to the scene, and this grant would allow me to keep approaching my output in unique ways, and sharing my journey in detail for others to learn from.

Discord Username: Jamie – sofractures#9664

ETH Wallet: sofractures.eth

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