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Saint Rien

Imagine if David Bowie grew up listening to Outkast and The Neptunes but could sing like Frank Ocean…


Saint Rien… (Trust me)

3 Songs to check out:



I was touring full time with a band at 17, signed a record deal at 18, sold out headline shows all over Australia, charted top 30, toured with many of my heroes and played to crowds of up to 8000.

From that entire period, I took home only a few thousand dollars after expenses…

After the band split up, I decided to go for an american visa, costing me every last cent I had left. I moved out of my house, sold all my things and spent months sleeping on two couch pillows on the floor of my friend's studio in order to learn how to produce.

Once my visa was approved I boarded a flight to LA and moved into a friend's place in the Valley. I wrote over 25 songs and began to plan my career. I had decided I wanted to be independent, while still having the benefits of a label.

My idea was to go the traditional investment route, giving up a reasonable portion of ownership to cover marketing costs.

I made my two minute pitch, mixed my best songs and went out to find investors.

This did not work… Even though everyone that I approached loved the music, no one wanted to touch the idea of investing in a musician. I was told over and over that there was, “no money in it” and that it was, “far too risky”.

During this time, I was investing heavily into crypto and had discovered the world of NFT’s. I knew I had found something very special. And when I found the web3 music space, I was hooked.

I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for. I had found my people.


This space is going to be built on success stories. I am certain that I can one of them. These sound like grandiose claims but I have the talent and experience to back it up.

I write and produce all my songs, I also write and direct all the music videos. I’ve been touring my whole life, and charted top 30 in a hardcore band which is crazy. I’m a fucking great performer, I have a 4 octave range (the same as freddie mercury). I’m also 6’2, an actor, a runway model and a stylist all published.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

I'm releasing a new song every 6-8 weeks so I need funding for marketing and to make videos, content, artwork etc. I will be dropping every song and video as an NFT to help fund the web2 releases also.

I have already sold out my first music NFT drop on glass in one hour so I know that there's a proof of concept for this plan. I want to bring as much attention to web3 music as possible and I need to raise my web2 status to do so.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

I'm in the HIFI labs Artist DAO Cohort and will definitely be giving any collectors special perks once it's built. I plan to have a membership/staking based and tiered fan club called "Le Culte De Saint Rien".

I want to be able to allow web2 fans to sign up via a subscription to scale it long term as well as doing an initial web3 release. During that release I will have significant perks/discounts for anyone that has previously collected an NFT. I also send all my collectors IRL gifts.

Discord Username: Saintrien#0566

ETH Wallet: saintrien.eth

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