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Population of Mars ⭕️

Population of Mars is a solo, experimental music project by Australian born, independent artist Dan Taylor. Exploring themes of space, time and humanity with an eclectic back catalog of music that is heavily improvised and mostly instrumental.



3 Songs to check out:



Population of Mars first started sharing online music in 2017, but Dan has been playing guitar since he was a teenager and has many written songs which are yet to be recorded. The music released so far has been eclectic, heavily improvised and experimental while developing production skills and working with limited resources. In the last 2 years, Dan has lost his Mother, Brother and Father and has ended a long term relationship. It's a long and complicated story concerning a series of unfortunate events… Dan is currently trying to restart his life and is looking for housing.

Population of Mars has released 2 albums and an EP so far. The EP released in 2021 was well received on local radio and made it to #47 in the Three D Radio (Adelaide, SA) Top 100 most played releases for 2021.

Population of Mars has released NFTs on opensea and Fanfare and is keen to explore more opportunities in web3. With particular interest in future live performances in the metaverse and much more. The best #PopOfMars music is yet to be recorded.

Just want to also thank my sponsor, Jacob! Who discovered my music on Audius. Very happy we connected!


Population of Mars needs a space to make music and sleep. Dan would like to release all the experimental music that he has currently has half-finished for future EPs (WSOGMM), along with recording new, more structured music with vocals and lyrics. Dan has many years of written music, which he is ready to start recording.

Population of Mars would like to reach more humans on Earth and create an interactive experience for fans to connect and engage with.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

Population of Mars needs a space suit to wear for live streaming! Dan would commission a spacesuit costume for performing by a local artists/maker he knows. Dan also needs a good quality bass guitar for recording. Depending on the actual amount, Dan would also look at other recording equipment to help create the basics for a studio setup and also a small amount on marketing and promotion, to reach more Earth folk. Funds to contribute towards web hosting and other related costs would be helpful!

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

Depends on how many holders there are? I could offer a digital download of one of my previous albums? Or an extra NFT from my collection on Fanfare? I would definitely like to thanks holders and give a shoutout on social platforms. I would also like to offer a live performance to holders, once I find somewhere to live and get setup!

One thing for sure, there will be 'extras' for Population of Mars supporters!

Discord Username: Population of Mars#9892

ETH Wallet: 0x362bA1070CDBe12a5CA7641a3bD209205da4C240

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