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Mícheál ‘Míghor’ Ó Súilleabháin

GM! I’m an Irish musician/songwriter with a new project. I’ve studied Music in college and more recently Blockchain Tech, helping me see the true potential of web3 for musicians and bands.



3 Songs to check out:



I wrote my first two songs in 2006, I was 13 and starting to teach myself how to play guitar, bass and drums.
I started Ten Ton Slug with my brother, we worked very hard and it paid off, getting better gigs, bigger festivals, bigger EU tours and support slots for artists we never thought we would share the stage with; Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar to name a few. I was also playing with Weed Priest at this time.

I have faced my fair share of hurdles. I used to have seizures as a kid thinking it was normal until other kids started running away from me. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy young and I had to deal with that myself as there was no supports available where I was living. Even now, every gig I play I am afraid of having a seizure mid set.
I had to leave the music course I was doing because I was tired of choosing between food or the bus.
I’ve struggled with substance abuse and the police when I was in my self destruct phase.
I came close to death once when I was asleep at my friends house, I woke to his housemate with a hunting knife to my throat. Your life does flash before your eyes. I managed to fight him off but I got my hand slashed badly I had nerve damage in my fingers and had to cancel a few shows.
In one week last year I lost my house and job, on welfare since. Due to Carpal Tunnel in both hands I’ve had to leave Ten Ton Slug this year.
I enjoy nothing more than creating, my inspiration comes from too many places to name.


I want to use my new project to promote and preserve the Irish language, I am writing all lyrics in Irish but the translation will also be available.
I can see how web3 tools can really help artists and working bands but nobody in Ireland is aware of them. I want to help artists in Ireland better understand these tools and get them involved, Metal fans have a strong tradition of collecting already. If approached with web3 in the right way I know it will make sense to them.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

Years of touring and recent unfortunate events have left me with lots of damaged equipment. I would be able to replace some and finish my EP. After doing this I will start focusing on promoting web3 creator tools to the Irish community of working bands, getting them interested and involved in a collaborative nft collection of Irish Metal fully utilising web3. I would organise an IRL nft hunt to gain interest and onboard fans and artists alike. That is my long term goal.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

I would airdrop nfts from my upcoming EP release at the very minimum. Token gated access to content and airdrops from future collections are a possibility.

Discord Username: citizengore#7156

ETH Wallet: 0x195DC6e7Ae3d86Df19B61E2568Ec0A50D93772A1

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