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Artist, entrepreneur & Web3 enthusiast.
I was born & raised in Colombia, but I’m not that “Sofia Vergara Modern Family” stereotype. Well, except for the fact that salsa music means I'll start dancing, & that I can be a little bit too affectionate 🙂


Pop/Dance pop, singer-songwriter

3 Songs to check out:



I've been passionate about music since I can remember, & my favorite thing about it is its magical ability to unite us in the present moment – a hopeful philosophy that shines through my own flavor of dance-pop. To me, inspiration is where ever somebody is trying to find it – people, places, dreams, & emotions all contribute to my creative process.

As a little girl, I devoured DVD performances of iconic pop sensations like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson & Miley Cyrus, motivated to one day impact the world with my own music – but when that innate sense of determination propelled me to academic success, well-meaning mentors steered me away from those “little girl dreams.”

However, in Dec. 2019, my parents decided to put a halt on my education because my health was at risk. What I thought was the end of the world, turned into my biggest opportunity to expand back into my first love of music. So far I've released 3 original songs, & have collabed with producers & artist from different parts of the world on several songs soon to be released.

Fast forward to present-day, my parents are now pressuring me to go back to university. While I’m not against finishing school, I know that's not the place for me as I'm fully committed to my music career. Nonetheless, I still have yet to prove to them that being an artist is my life's purpose, & not some hobby. I hope that with this grant I'm able to take my career to the next level, & demonstrate to them how serious I am about this.


To me music is a universal language – it heals, unites, & connects us as individuals- making us feel understood, part of something greater. I want my music to be that safe space.
My biggest dream is to become a house-hold name world wide, & use music as a medium to positively impact billions of people. I want to inspire people to listen to their heart, live boldly, authentically, & in the present moment. I have a vision of using my songs as a vehicle to spread more love & kindness in the world.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

The money would go towards 2 buckets
1: Investing in a team to increase my web2 & web3 presence
– Currently building my own Discord, but need an experienced person to help me manage, grow, & expand my web3 presence
– Marketing/content creator to increase my influence in social media platforms
2: Paying better producers, & upgrading equipment to make higher quality songs that are at par with the ones at the top of the charts.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

100%! Token holders would receive:
1. Huge discounts on merch (plus, entries for raffles to free merch giveaways)
2. Access to all events I hold (both IRL & online)
3. As I grow my web3 presence, I want to collab with other projects & get WL spots to raffle to my NFT holders.
These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless. I would love to have an open communication with my NFT holders about other things they would like to see incorporated! 🙂

Discord Username: Losi#9472

ETH Wallet: 0x10c163364Fe153CadF6532a5B34481eeFB99D96d

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