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Lady Light

Lady Light is a multi-faceted creative, Performing Artist & Dj from Lusaka Zambia. Her tracks
include "Isho Isho" with Drum Broz & Theresa N'gambi, "Fire Burning" with Muntu Kulcha and "Ki Nako", her first NFT song released on Catalog Works.


Afro-Fusion, Hip Hop

3 Songs to check out:



I started my journey in 2012 when I discovered I could write. It was a difficult, confusing time in my life that I naturally turned to music for therapy. I released my 1st tracks in 2013, "Know me love me" & "Web of Lies" showcasing my lyricist skills. I always enjoyed all sorts of music from an early age, with my late father introducing me to 60's and 70's music. Along with this came the Zamrock movement which exposed me to local acts such as Paul Ngozi and WITCH. My sisters also played a big role in introducing me to different genres both western and African genres at an early age. I got exposed to more traditional sounds when I attended a Catholic Boarding School, where I was in the school choir as a traditional drummer. This is where I learned the basics of music & developed love for the African drum through indigenous praise songs. This still inspires me, therefore when I Dj, I root my style of mixing from contemporary & retro sounds of the Motherland, drawing inspiration from my region, as well as the rest of the continent. My love for African music & Afro-Fusion is evident in my choice of music creating a sonic experience which evokes our inner urge to move. This is what also helps me to create my music, fusing Lozi/Eng rap with various Afro fused genres as it easily flows with the rhythm. However, I didn't always have the freedom to be creative. I had to get a Law degree which caused much depression before finally summoning the strength & Courage to follow my dreams.


Music is such a powerful medium to communicate. I want to be able to live off my music and support my children and family from my craft. To benefit not only me, but others, to inspire, to comfort, to vent, to feel. Hoping I can encourage others to follow their dreams, and keep moving and learning in our existence here, regardless of society and its stereotypes. I also want to show Independent African Artists that we too can create NFT music & achieve financial stability as many of us are broke.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

This money will help me to produce my first 6 track EP titled "Mishonjo ya sizo" meaning ethnic vibrations in my native tongue Lozi, which will be released as NFT's, to cover costs for high quality beat production, studio time, features, mixing & mastering. Additionally funds will go towards 1 video production, logistics, communication, minting, marketing & promotion. These funds will also be sufficient to host an official EP launch event, which will showcase my style & brand to the public.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

Holders of my bonus NFT i.e. the NFT track I'll donate to Music Machines, will be air dropped a free copy of my video from one of my tracks in the EP, as well as future surprise utilities.

Discord Username: Lady Light#8696

ETH Wallet: 0x6BEE577eEA3c437f963eEC468D2f40893476a6e9

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