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Keisha Kokaine

Keisha Kokaine aka Koko Wit Da Crypto. I make urban music to vibe to. I like recording songs tuned 432 hz for more harmonic sounds. Through my music you can really grasp my personality and see how I a can gain fans attention addicted hence my name!


Urban Music

3 Songs to check out:



I started making music in summer 2021. The first time I ever recorded in the studio and heard my voice in a microphone, I knew from the first word I spoke into it that music was the lifestyle for me. What inspires me the most is the creativity that comes from making music down to the producers and engineers. The sound that gets created with other creative minds is like magic to me a feeling I could never get enough of or would want to replace for another. Being a resident of South Florida literally everyone is in the music scene out here so trying to find your way in music can be really challenging like just being able to afford to make good sounding music and be heard. Finding good studios with affordable prices, working with people that can grasp your vision, and just being a female artist are some of the challenges that I’m faced with while trying to make it in music. The biggest hurdle though I would say is getting your music recognized and as an independent artist. Hopefully the Nft community has came about to help us with that like I’m so glad to have come across the Music Machines community from Twitter when I saw that you guys were interested in female artist applying.


Making urban and unique music as a female artist to be heard across the metaverse and being apart of a music Nft community like a family that supports each other I would say is my biggest and best goal right now. I love making music and I know others would be able to feel those same vibes when listening or working with me. I really strive to make better connections and relationships through my music it’s really all I’m excited in life about right now.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

If I was to receive the grant of 3 Eth I would no questions ask get to work right away and use it toward my studio time and creating nft art to display with my music exclusively for Music Machines. I would also purchase my first Music Machine Nft as well as put towards helping another artist with studio time within the Music Machines community like a domino effect which is one of many ways that I can help to continue to build up this community as best as I can for certain!

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

Digital art to display that comes with the 432 hz music that I make I was thinking would be a perfect idea. Unlockable content like music videos/ visuals, interviews, personalized video messages to Nft holders, free virtual concerts, airdrops of songs specifically made for holders, and social media follows were some of the perks that I think would make the community want to have my Nft’s in there wallets.

Discord Username: Keisha Kokaine #0574

ETH Wallet: 0x052BB105b88980c6CD9E9784308Cf81B51A69d0b

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