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I am a Kenyan music producer and artist.. love and eat music .I wanna take the message of independence and authenticity to th world from Kenya .


Afro Future

3 Songs to check out:



I have been making music for 4 years now ,I was a dj before .Life inspires me ,what I go through everyday my pains and my struggles ,my joys ,what I see in the streets ,my family ,my friends,other artists as well.
I have faced hurdles in mixing and mastering finding a good sound engineer to get the sound right is expensive . Also marketing the music and shooting videos is a whole expense that has halted the progress .Lost my job during covid and hit a brick wall from then.


Goals are to make music that impacts a generation,music that drives conversation and inspires the others to do so as well .

Make a living off my musical career and retire my mum we'll ,she put alot in me .
I want to create a platform for like minded individuals who have faced the same struggles and even more to fly ,by leading by example and carving out a solid financial empowerment plan for artists
I want to see other artist win as well there is so much talent that's not getting their dues .

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

I would use it to assure the quality of work is of an international standard to be able to compete .Genuine African stories but we'll curated .
I would use it to invest in equipment ,that's up to par with the times ,am using a
outdated laptop and that are on the verge of death and have to always pay for studio whenever I have to create as I don't have my own .
I would also use it to support other artists ,buy their art and music
I would use the money to pay for gas on platforms for music .

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

Discounted or free merch
Freebies like free beats
Access to the dj shows

Discord Username: Kafibaddestting

ETH Wallet: 0x14c3D12Da73C3e2681BA0Eeb2bc9FA84DBf634d7

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