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Toronto, ON. I love music, nfts, martial arts (muay thai and bjj). I like to think of my self as a modern day renaissance man/swiss army knife. I create my own music + visuals. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve 🧙🏼‍♂️



3 Songs to check out:



It feels like I have been music all my life. I picked up playing the guitar at the age of 10. Fell in love with rapping and making beats in my teens. Coming from a city like Toronto, I was always exposed to different influences that shaped and moulded who I am and my art. I learned how to produce, worked/interned at studios to learn how to properly engineer a record. Performed at a few large venues in my city. I am inspired by the underdog, being a underdog myself. It is always inspiring to see someone overcome adversity. Being a independent artist I also have to fund myself, which is definitely the hardest part being a musician. But thanks to web3 and Nfts we have more tools and resources available to us.


My goal as an artist is to create important bodies of musical work that can inspire and move a generation. If my music can be the background to someone’s celebrations, melancholy or relaxation, my job as an artist is done. Art should make you think, but it also should he ambiguous. I also want to create a community, my own tribe of like minded individuals through my music.

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

I would use the 3eth grant to fund the development of a more sophisticated nft music collection ex. a mint site, gamification/ mobile app, plot on decentraland for my fans, merch.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

If I recieve the grant, I would allow the holders of my NFTs to own a piece of my future estate with all of my holdings, music rights, likeness and so on.

Discord Username: EYESISALIVE#1055

ETH Wallet: 0xb5EA436896450CA9F13236D8ef6E885b9563923C

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