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hi! i'm BXB LOVE, pronounced bob love. 20-something year old, living in the year 20-something. creator of music, worlds, n portals, on a mission to bring people together in the creation of a more empowering world, through art, music, and conversation



3 Songs to check out:



i have experienced the world as a musical being for as long as i can remember. a classic tale, of a young babe who sang before they could speak. music was simply how i distilled, understood, and communicated with the world around me. i went to a fine arts school from grades 3-9, learning all my core curriculum "through the arts." writing and performing a musical about math, creating a music video about the Canadian prison system, writing songs about the cells inside our bodies… music was a language i understood.

i began professionally creating and sharing music in 2015, while attending the Berklee College of Music. it was during this period of my life that i created the project Phé — an Rnb/Urban pop project. i didn't really know who i was, what i wanted, or what i desired to share and be known for. but the world around me all seemed to be pointing me in the direction of RNB, and as a young person, so deeply desiring to be accepted, loved, and validated, i followed the external affirmations.

fast forward 4 years, we see me, living in LA, having graduated from Berklee, and very very unhappy. bordering on substance abuse, desperately wanting to prove myself to the world around me. but not really believing in myself or my creations. and when i hit what felt like rock bottom, i decided it was time to make some changes. i stopped drinking, went on a personal journey of healing and self-discovery, and from the ashes of my former selves, BXB LOVE was born! xo


in short, i want to play a part in catalyzing global shifts in our collective consciousness. i want to bring people together in an exploration of our shared experiences and perceived difference, through the channels of music, art, and conversation, in the hopes of cultivating a space in which we can begin to move towards a world where humanity can thrive rather than struggle to survive. i believe art informs culture, and culture is a perpetuation of the beliefs that form our shared reality. 🚀🫀

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

being the recipient of a 3ETH grant would help me to implement digital marketing strategies that would help my music reach a larger audience. my partner and i create all of the art, promotional material, videos etc in house. where we find ourselves falling short is when it comes to elevating the music through impactful digital promotions and marketing, which would help the music find its way to the ears it was made for, despite the 60K songs released on Spotify daily all vying for our attention.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

i'd love to hear from the community what they would actually be interested in, as additional perks. i am all for moving with intention, and i think the most impactful perks would be ones that the community truly desires, and has an invested interest in. so i would love to create the opportunity for potential holders to suggest perks, with a community vote to decide which ones we go with! the music and i art i make is for people, and i want those people to be a part of the journey and story.

Discord Username: BXB LOVE#2893

ETH Wallet: 0x384A0c62aF2c59F7Ca6E554c11071Cc02afb1d7f

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