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deep ecology & soulful house



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~ climbed the tallest trees as a kid and used to love sitting by the water & watching the waves ~
this will be my first project released under the alias "apūpøg" – a name gifted to me by my close friends while we all sat on a sunny day @the waters edge. we decided to come up with new nicknames for eachother. my new friends "swanlake" & "zeera" sat beside me and we smoked a blunt. it was a nice day and i remember it fondly. i love music and it fills most moments of my days. its nice to have a soundtrack to ur life. it feels like every moment is a little less gray.. or whatever maybe foggy is a better word. or dreary hah not to be a debby downer. but alas music makes everything better. and it doesn't matter what is going on. music can take me out of the darkest of places and bring me into a whole new understanding and light. i hope to reach everybody i possibly can with this light and maybe then we can all sit out late at night w/ our little fires and watch the waves roll by. <3


plant trees = more better air

How I’d use a 3 ETH grant:

1) album promotion
2) nft music video
3) acquiring community music nfts and giving them out to help grow the community.

Additional perks if I receive a grant:

love all yall<3 any supporters will be able to become like an advisor for future drops, voting on cover art, song names, and future merch giveaways + free shows. yall will become like my irl friends whom inspire me & have helped me alot on this creative journey called life.

Discord Username: citizenlame#5034

ETH Wallet: 0x20086687592FD425B31C4e112EaEd09Fa2d0a2a6

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