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Artists seeking a grant must meet these qualifications before applying:

  • You’re serious about advancing your music career. This is your calling, not just a hobby.
  • You have created music within the past 3 months
  • You have experience performing live
  • You have a clear plan for how this grant money would help your music career
  • You’re eager to learn and build in the web3/NFT space
  • If chosen for a grant, you agree to release 1 song/track as an NFT exclusively to our community for free.

NOTE: Funding rounds occur based on the total mint & secondary sales of Music Machines NFTs. We use 50% of sales to fund grants for music artists, with a primary goal of funding 5 artists each with 3 ETH grants for every 808 mints that occur. Stay updated about when our funding and grant selection occurs by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.

Music Machines Grant Application Form

Grant application form for music artists wishing to receive a grant from the Music Machines NFT community.

"*" indicates required fields

Do you own a Music Machine NFT or do you need a Sponsor?*
You can only receive a grant if you own our NFT or get sponsored

Artist Info

Include 3 links to your top songs or videos. These should best represent you and your music.
Preferred size: 960 x 640 pixels
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.
Introduce yourself in 250 words or less
Tell us about your journey in music so far. How long have you been making music? What inspires you? What hurdles have you faced?
What do you strive for? What do you want to accomplish? (500 char. max.)
How would this money help with your music career? What do you plan to use it for? Any web3 plans? (500 char. max.)
This is not required, but may make your application more enticing for members to vote for you.

Social Media & Music Profiles

Where can people find you and hear your music? Drop full links here, not just usernames. (Twitter, IG, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Audius,,, Mint Songs, etc.)
Include the numbers at the end. Example: Machinist#3456
Example: 0x7B635FD7a61ee8E344faf749CD7BBc670aadECb8
I agree to the following:*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.